Posted on February 13, 2020

Qatar University (QU) and the Doha Institute for Graduate Studies signed a MoU yesterday relating to cooperation in fields of mutual interest, exchange of experts and expertise and exchange of knowledge through publications, periodicals, studies, statistics and data. The MoU also includes joint organization of conferences, meetings, trainings and other relevant events.

On hand to sign the MoU were QU President Dr. Hassan Al-Derham and President of Doha Institute for Graduate Studies, Dr. Yasser Sulaiman Maali.

In order to insure the proper implementation of the MoU’s goals, teams and a working committee will be established to act as advisors, coordinating in areas within the framework of the MoU, reviewing, and implementing its terms. There will also be regular evaluation of the results of the memorandum and the possibility of developing a program or several programs between different administrative sectors. The signing of the MoU comes as part of the belief in the important role of educational institutions’ in servicing the society and nation. It also comes as part of the consistent efforts to exchange information and expertise to elevate the efficiency and performance of the two parties.

QU signs MoU with Doha Institute 2 [].jpg

Dr. Hassan Al-Derham highlighted the importance of the agreement saying, “I am very pleased to be here today to sign this agreement with the Doha Institute for Graduate Studies, which encompasses the finest scholars in the field of social sciences and humanities. As a premier national institution, with the largest number of specialties in Qatar, Qatar University consistently strives to work together with other academic institutions that have leading national and international status, and the Doha Institute is an important partner for us in achieving university goals.”

Dr. Yasser Sulaiman Maali praised QU’s programs and its advanced positioning in global rankings and added, “The Doha Institute is distinguished by its level of expertise and specialties, making it an important partner for Qatar University. Through our cooperation, we will achieve the goals that we set out to accomplish.” 

QU signs MoU with Doha Institute 3 [].jpg