Posted on November 19, 2015

Qatar University Biomedical Research Center (QUBRC) recently organized a series of scientific research workshops for students and teachers of Hamza Bin Abdel-Muttalib Independent School in Doha, in demonstration of its commitment to promoting a culture of scientific research and discovery among youth in Qatar. Entitled “Steps of Scientific Research Workshop Program”, the workshops engaged about 20 students and 20 teachers. They were developed in line with QU’s strategic plan which aims to encourage the integration of its programs with the needs and aspirations of the community to support social, economic and cultural development.

The teachers were given various techniques and guidelines on the “Importance of Biomedical Research” in a lecture delivered by BRC assistant professor of infectious diseases Dr Hadi Yassin. They learned about basic and applied research and the differences between each type.  Dr Yassin also highlighted the various tools of scientific research and how to prepare a research proposal. The students were taught the practical aspects of biomedical research in a workshop conducted by the Center’s post-doctoral researcher Dr Mohamed Ezzat.

QUBRC engages high school students 2 [].jpg

Commenting on the workshops, school director Mr Khaled Issa Almuhaize noted the interest and awareness they will generate among teachers and students alike about the importance of developing scientific research skills. He said: “Since scientific research is an essential pillar of knowledge, events and activities that will enhance knowledge and abilities among our students are real investments for the future of the State of Qatar.”

BRC director Dr Asma Al-Thani said: “The workshops are an opportunity for us at Qatar University to demonstrate our commitment to the community to strengthen effective cooperation with schools in building up our national human capacity in the field of scientific research to produce a creative generation that aspires towards knowledge and success.”