Posted on November 27, 2013

Reach Out To Asia’s (ROTA) 4-day Youth Service Club Leadership (RYSC) program kicked off at the Students Center, Qatar Foundation on Wednesday. Sponsored by Msheireb Properties, about 100 youth assembled at the venue to take part in the many activities lined- up during the program.

The RYSC provides a platform for both new and existing RYSC members to develop their abilities and strengthen their voice to act as responsible national and global citizens. The Training event is an experiential, reflective and interactive learning program in Arabic, for school and university students aged 16 to 26 years.

ROTA Leadership Training is a diverse and multi-faceted program that prepares youth for the future by enhancing their leadership skills through a progressive training agenda which allow participants to put the knowledge into practice, gain project management and advocacy skills needed to run the ROTA Youth Service Club.

“RYSC Leadership Training is a difference maker, a creator of opportunities for youth and leaders for communities. At the end of Leadership Training, RYSC members will possess the skills, knowledge and abilities to go forward and change their communities for the better through ROTA Youth Service Club membership,” says ROTA National Program Director Mohamed Abdulla Saleh.

One of the students participating in the Leadership program, said: “Taking part in this training will help me gain the needed skills for my future career. I am here to develop my leadership abilities and my teamwork communication. With ROTA’s assistance, I hope to become a real leader in Qatar’s future”.

The intensive program includes workshops, seminars, and practical skills-based sessions to ensure each ROTA Youth Service Club member acquires the needed qualifications of a real leader.

The RYSC Leadership Training delegates are divided into two groups, ensuring that both new and existing RYSC members benefit from a program focused on each group’s particular service learning needs.

Group A will introduce about 45 new student RYSC members who were not previously involved with a RYSC to the opportunities of ROTA’s Youth Service Club program and how it contributes to the youth development goals of Qatar National Vision 2030, while Group B caters to existing RYSC members as it focuses on developing the lessons learnt during the previous leadership training.