Posted on July 25, 2019

The Public Works Authority ‘Ashghal’ is currently converting the old roundabout connecting Makkah Street and Sabah Al Ahmad Corridor into two levels interchange. The new junction will include one new bridge and signal junction under the bridge.

When completed by the first quarter of 2020, the road capacity will reach about 24,000 vehicles per hour, which will improve traffic in the area by connecting Al Gharrafa, Al Luqta, Al Waab, Al Rayyan and vital facilities such as businesses, schools, and hospitals. 

In order to allow the opening of the new bridge and accelerate the completion of the second phase of the remaining works at Makkah Al Mukarramah Interchange and service roads, Ashghal will implement a temporary traffic diversion in two stages. In the first stage, traffic will be diverted from Sabah Al Ahmad Corridor to the bridge for those on way to Al Rayyan and Al Waab south from Al Gharrafa area, while maintaining the signal junction for those coming from Makkah Street and going towards Al Rayyan south from Friday (July 26).

In the second phase, traffic will be shifted temporarily under the bridge and on service roads from August 2 (Friday). Besides, traffic will be shifted on the bridge for those on way to Al Gharrafa north from Al Rayyan and Al Waab areas. The traffic change will be as follows:

Commuters from Al Rayyan and Al Waab areas will use the bridge towards Al Gharrafa north. 

  • Road users heading from Makkah Street towards Al Gharrafa north, will turn right on a service road from Sabah Al Ahmad Corridor.
  • Those on way to Al Rayyan and Al Waab south from Makkah Street will continue under the new bridge and turn left on a service road adjacent to the bridge.
  • Road users coming from Makkah Street, will use the new U-turn under the bridge in order to turn to the same street. 
  • Those on way to Makkah Street east from Al Rayyan and Al-Waab south areas will adhere to the service road heading to the right.

Ashghal will install road signs advising road users to abide by the temporary speed limits and follow the road signs to ensure their safety. Once completed in 2021, Sabah Al Ahmad Corridor will significantly contribute to the relief of traffic congestion on Doha Expressway in particular, 22 February Street. Commuters travelling from Hamad International Airport will be able to reach Umm Lekhba Intersection in approximately 18 minutes compared to the current 50 minutes via Doha Expressway and 22 February Street reducing traffic time by 70 percent.