Posted on November 02, 2014

PAUL Bakery & Restaurant has successfully launched their cheese menu today in Qatar, providing a wide selection of cheese based dishes throughout all outlets during the months of November and December. Keeping in line with PAUL’s mission, the French bakery & restaurant has collaborated with Président and Société to provide the finest cheese recipes and ensure authenticity, best quality and freshness in their new dishes.

The selection is an assortment of two salads and 4 main courses. For starters, goat cheese lovers can select ‘Salade De Fromage de Chèvre et Lentille Verte’, a combination of mixed green salad including cherry tomatoes, green lentils and goat cheese, others can choose the ‘Aumonière de Comté’ which comes with a scrumptious crispy filo pastry stuffed with comté cheese, fresh mushrooms, sundried tomatoes and cider dressing.

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As for the main dishes, cheese lovers can opt for ‘Tartines de Crottin de Chavignol’, a crispy olive bread topped with tapenade and pesto sauce, grilled eggplant, crottin de Chavignol goat cheese and balsamic dressing. For those who prefer the overtaking brie cheese flavor, they can pick the ‘Gratin de Brie et Pommes de Terre’ option which is sautéed potatoes with beef bacon and brie cheese. Customers also have the option between the ‘Poulet Grillé et Sauce au Fromage de Roquefort’, a grilled corn fed chicken topped with a slice of Roquefort cheese and the ‘Médaillon de Boeuf et Raclette’, grilled beef tenderloin with melted Raclette cheese. All dishes are served with the highest standards of ingredients and service that PAUL is known for.

With these six cheese authentic French dishes, PAUL Bakery & Restaurant focuses on staying true to the heritage of French rustic cuisine and traditional baking.