Posted on February 16, 2018

Minister of Economy and Commerce H E Sheikh Ahmed bin Jassim bin Mohammed Al Thani inaugurated the Seasonal Dates Market, which provides an opportunity for traders, entrepreneurs and small and medium enterprises to display their dates and related industries products. It is organised by the Ministry of Economy and Commerce in cooperation with Souq Waqif.

The market, which opened yesterday and runs through mid-March, is the largest date festival with 85 local and foreign companies specialised in the production, supply and distribution of dates from Kuwait, Oman, Iran, Tunisia, Algeria and other countries. Speaking on the occasion, the Minister said that the event comes within the framework of the Ministry’s efforts to support and promote Qatar’s drive towards achieving self-sufficiency in all sectors, especially the food sector. He pointed to the role of the market in promoting the production of dates in the country and giving information on different types, as well as providing the opportunity for local and foreign companies to sell their production directly to the public, which positively affects the volume of their sales and enhances their ability to increase production.

The Minister added that the Seasonal Dates Market represents an opportunity to consolidate trade and investment cooperation between local and foreign companies and exchange experiences in the fields related to the dates sector, thus enhancing the competitiveness of national products in local and international markets. Speaking on the sidelines of the opening ceremony of the seasonal market, Sheikh Faisal bin Qassim Al Thani, President of the Qatari Businessmen Association, said that the partnership between the public and private sectors in Qatar has grown significantly, pointing that there are many Qatari youth who have embarked many advanced commercial fields enriching the structure of the Qatari market with the presence of young people equipped with knowledge and experience.

Chairman of Qatar Chamber Sheikh Khalifa bin Jassim bin Mohammed Al Thani, stressed on the importance of the seasonal dates market in providing date products to consumers in the local market especially during the holy month of Ramadan. He pointed out that this event should be organised twice a year to meet the local market needs throughout the year. He added that the seasonal dates market has attracted many companies from neighboring countries, which confirms the strength of the Qatari market and its importance to the majority of regional companies in all fields and commercial sectors. He noted the participation of a number of Qatari farms and companies in the seasonal dates market and exhibiting high quality products, noting that some of these companies also export dates products to many countries.

Ali bin Hilal Al Kuwari, Executive Vice-President of Hassad Food Company said that the company’s presence in the seasonal dates market stems from its keenness to be one of the main participants in this market, as well as presenting the capacities of Hassad as it owns the largest dates packaging factory in the region, which has a productive capacity reaching about 3000 tonnes.

He pointed out that during the last period, Hassad was able to export its first shipment of dates to India, noting that the shipment received positive reactions from importers and consumers. There are new agreements to be signed soon and will be announced, he said pointing out that the company as a government company strives to support local farmers on commercial bases through some agreements and facilities between the company and farmers without any conflict or competition with the private sector. In order to provide the opportunity for small and medium-sized entrepreneurs to display their products from dates and related industries, the Ministry of Economy and Commerce invited foreign companies to participate in the seasonal dates market to provide them with the opportunity to present their products and conclude agreements and partnerships that open up new markets.    

The Ministry enabled local investors in the date sector to market their products to foreign markets and to identify the capabilities and expertise of the participating countries to take advantage and to boost the quality of the local product and enhance its position in foreign markets. The Ministry of Economy and Commerce has invited the public to visit the seasonal dates market, where various date varieties and related products are exhibited.

source: The Peninsula