Posted on May 18, 2014

Seha – the National Health Insurance Scheme – has launched a Diabetes Management Programme to assist members who suffer from the disease in managing their condition. Open to adult Seha beneficiaries who have been diagnosed with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes, the aim of the programme is to provide support and education to enable patients to live healthier lives and delay the onset of diabetes-related complications.

The programme follows on from the highly successful Maternity Management Programme introduced during Stage 1 of the health insurance scheme and which continues to offer support and advice to expecting mothers, including to those with gestational diabetes. “Diabetes is a global problem that is increasing the burden on health care systems and individuals alike. Here in Qatar, numbers of people suffering from the disease are expected to increase significantly over the coming years based on current trends," explained Faleh Mohamed Hussain Ali, acting CEO of the National Health Insurance Company (NHIC).

“Self-management is a well-recognised cornerstone of diabetes care and patients spend a lot of time self-managing their condition. Through this programme we aim to support patients in this process, providing information and advice to allow people to live healthier and more fulfilling lives.”

Seha’s Diabetes Management Programme is an outreach telephone service, with a personal Care Management Nurse assigned to each participating member. The Care Management Nurse works together with the patient, providing information and support to help manage their condition, referring back to the health care provider when required. The nurse works with the Seha member to inform and guide the individual about screening for complications, self-care, immunisations, concurrence with treatment and medications, including introducing physical activity into daily care. The Diabetes Management Programme team also includes a dietician to provide support and guidance on nutrition.

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There is no limit to the length of time a member can benefit from the scheme given the progressive nature of diabetes although members can choose to decline or opt out of the programme at any time. Contact with members is based on individualised need and risk factors – a member who is well managed and considered low risk will have less intense contact than a member who is classified as high risk. “The risks from diabetes can be reduced by stopping smoking, healthy diet, increasing physical activity and regular screening. We will work with members to find out what motivates and is important to them and how they can implement simple changes into their daily lives that will increase their health and reduce risks,” Dr. Faleh said.

The Diabetes Management Programme is offered as an additional benefit to Seha members, which provides Qatari nationals with comprehensive health insurance coverage for the full range of basic health services through a network of high quality public and private providers. Qatari nationals who wish to use Seha’s services need only to present their Qatar ID when visiting a network provider and, during their first visit, provide details of their residential address. The address details can be found on the plate installed by the Centre for Geographical Information System (CGIS) on all buildings across the country.

Information and updates about Seha and the Seha provider network are available at and through social media at and Members can also contact the Seha call centre on telephone 4020 8444 or visit the customer contact centre on the sixth floor of Amwal Tower in West Bay, Doha.