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Posted on December 18, 2013

Sidra Medical and Research Center invited Sidra employees to attend National Day Celebrations, which included traditional music shows, dishes, falcons and many other cultural representations of the State of Qatar. On this momentous day, Sidra announced the consolidation of two important divisions that focus on one of Sidra’s pillars – Education. Career Planning and the Learning &Talent Development Organization, which encompasses, among others, the Scholarship, Qatarization, and JANA programs for fresh graduates,have been merged to operate as one department. Mr. Ali Al Humaidi, who has been appointed as the Executive Director for the Learning and Talent Development Organization, will lead the newly-formed department reporting directly to Sidra Chief Executive Officer Dr. William Own Jr.

“The dream behind establishing Sidra envisions it as an iconic institution. To fulfill this long-term aspect, as well as contribute to the 2030 National Vision, significant emphasis has been placed on education and development of talent. This strategic move signifies the emphasis Sidra places on developing the Qatari nationals to fulfill the need for professionals and leaders in the field of medicine,” said Mr. Al Humaidi.

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Part of transforming Qatar according to the National Vision 2030 is to ensure it is capable of sustaining its own development and providing for a high standard of living for its entire population for generations to come. Sidra, as part of Qatar Foundation, aims to help deliver these goals through its vision of providing high quality patient care, unparalleled medical education and becoming a leading center for biomedical research.

Currently, nationals represent 25% of Sidra’s total workforce and 90% of students sponsored by Sidra. Sidra is also developing the first three Qatari females as “Certified Child Life Specialists,” as well as the first group of Qatari females as “Patient Educators.” The Patient Educators will be trained to support patients and their families through all phases of hospitalization, from admission to discharge, ensuring optimum communication is maintained during the entire hospital stay and beyond. The Patient Educators are professional communicators with the knowledge, attitude and judgment needed to put patients more at ease in what is typically a high-stress situation, while Child Life Specialists concentrate more on the child’s wellbeing.