Posted on May 30, 2018

Sidra Medicine signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Doha Institute for Graduate Studies (DI) for the mutual exchange of knowledge, expertise, research and studies.

Sidra Medicine’s Chief Executive Officer Mr. Peter Morris said: “We are very proud and delighted to collaborate with Doha Institute through this MoU in supporting the development of professional capacity and leadership in professional disciplines which so crucial to the delivery of patient and family centered health care.  We have an excellent opportunity to realize these goals and to share and exchange ideas for implementing the latest and best practices.  So this collaboration is a very important milestone.  It supports the continuous improvement and innovation in healthcare and the delivery first class care for our patients and families”.

The MoU is the first partnership to stem from Sidra Medicine’s new “Externship Program” with the aim of supporting the healthcare organization’s medical education and learning and development strategies. DI will nominate students to join the specially designed program that will support the students training and internship requirements as part of their curriculum. The program is currently applicable for students form DI’s School of Psychology and Social Work. Dr. Kholode Al Obaidli, Chief Learning Officer at Sidra Medicine said, “As an academic healthcare organization, we are committed to strengthening avenues of partnership with leading educational centers such as the Doha Institute to inspire young minds and cultivate the advancement of the healthcare sector. Our externship program with DI, has been developed to provide training, educational and workplace opportunities to a new generation of upcoming psychologists and social workers.”

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The MoU will also provide Sidra Medicine clinicians and researchers to consider voluntary faculty appointments and teaching opportunities within the fields of Psychology and Social Work at the Doha Institute. Dr. Soleman Abu-Bader, Dean of the School of Psychology & Social Work at the Doha Institute said, “This MOU with Sidra Medicine is a move that will open doors for collaboration between the institutions in various areas, including exchange of knowledge, research, teaching, service, and practice. In addition, it will provide our students, in both psychology and social work, onsite professional experience and field placement/practicum in health and mental health service provision in the State of Qatar.”

Dr. Diala Hawi, Head of Psychology Program said: “This mutual agreement and future collaborations will pave the road for joint research and faculty exchanges, which together will contribute to the growth of our institutions, both academically and professionally.” Sidra Medicine currently offers mental health services for children and young people as well as perinatal mental health care services for women. Its social workers support across the spectrum of care to offer counsel and advice to patients and their families.