Posted on August 24, 2018

Sidra Medicine has treated more than 600 cases at its Children’s Emergency Department (CED) and Urgent Care Clinic since the opening in July this year.

Sidra Medicine’s CED treats serious emergency cases of children up to the age of 18, including loss of consciousness, severe trouble in breathing, major bone fractures, seizures and convulsions and other emergencies. Children and young people admitted to the CED are treated free of charge.

At the same time, it operates a Children’s Urgent Care Clinic (UCC) in the same location. The clinic treats non-emergency cases including upper respiratory issues such as sore throats and coughs, rashes, or low-grade fever. “As an emergency department, we want to keep focus of our time and resources on true emergency cases like the ones mentioned above. We are of course equipped and able to treat cases like mild fevers and colds, however, such care can be administered out of hospital,” Peter Morris Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Sidra Medicine told The Peninsula.

When parents with children require non-emergency care choose to come to the Sidra Medicine CED for treatment, they are directed to the UCC. “Our team of highly qualified and experienced staff determines the urgency of treatment and the appropriate level of care required on site.” Following the successful opening, Sidra Medicine is engaged in continuous testing and training of its facilities and operations to ensure the department is always at the leading edge of world-class patient care. “For example, we are working together with Qatar’s Ambulance Services to provide an immediate response for children’s emergency cases. Just recently, Sidra Medicine’s CED team took part in a practice run to airlift children to Sidra Medicine as part of an ongoing series of simulation exercises designed to ensure a culture of safety,” said Morris.

The CED and Urgent Care Clinic together have 60 rooms and are expected to treat approximately 20,000 patients in the first 12 months. That number is expected to increase to 50,000 patients per year over time. The CED offers 24-hour care and is staffed by an international team with the highest qualifications in paediatric emergency care, including physicians, nurses, emergency medical technicians and imaging and lab professionals. The Department of Pediatrics at Sidra Medicine is guided by a holistic approach that is family-centred, focusing on empowering patients in their care and is guided by evidence and research.

The pediatric services offered at Sidra Medicine include a comprehensive range of advanced medical care for children. “Our surgical program covers a wide spectrum of needs including orthopedics, ophthalmology, general surgery, urology, neurosurgery and plastic surgery. “Recently, we announced the success of a series of complex surgeries including a complex neurosurgery and in July, the first open-heart surgery performed at Sidra Medicine. “Our Cardiac Program provides all aspects of medical, interventional and surgical care for patients with congenital or acquired heart disease,” said Morris.

source: The Peninsula