Posted on November 24, 2017

Qatar’s industrial sector has expanded at a fast rate after the siege and soon cement and steel factories will be able to meet the demands of construction companies here, geotechnical specialist Gul Hameed Khalil told Qatar Urdu Radio’s live show Haqeeqat.

“The siege did not affect Qatar’s developmental projects because most of the construction companies had procured materials for five to six months, which gave authorities ample time to establish new trade routes with Oman,” he explained. Khalil works for Dorsch Qatar in the Lusail Development project and spoke about the policies adopted by Qatari authorities to meet the demands of the construction sector. 

“Some people were under the impression that Qatar imports 100% of its construction material from the blockading countries of Saudi Arabia and the UAE. Truth is that the construction material imported from these neighbouring countries was only 25%,” Khalil said, adding that Qatar managed to meet these demands by importing material from countries such as Oman and boosting the production of local companies. “The result is that Qatar has quickly moved towards self-sufficiency in a short period time. Among the new plants in the industrial sector, the cement and steel industry are developing at a fast rate and soon Qatar will not have to import these materials,” Khalil asserted.

Haqeeqat, which aims to engage and interact with the large South Asian expatriate community in Qatar, is a joint venture of the Gulf Times and Qatar Media Corporation Urdu Radio. The show is hosted by Saif-ur-Rehman. It is broadcast from Sunday to Thursday on FM107. Log on to Qatar Urdu Radio on Facebook and ‘@QatarUrduRadio’ on Twitter for feedback and comments about the show.

source: Gulf Times