Posted on July 24, 2015

While the temperature may be high on the thermometer scale, the weather seemingly had no effect on the hundreds of Souq goers this Eid Al Fitr, said Qatar Tribune. Souq Waqif welcomed what could only be described as an army of families prepared to enjoy all that they had to offer. With an ongoing parade of folkloric dancers of the regional persuasion, the real show-stealer was the Sout Al Rayyan music concert featuring a variety of performers and singers from across the GCC region.

The Souq's pathway came alive with the performers who, in the elaborate costumes and props they had on them, brought a vivid and exciting atmosphere to onlookers. Starting their rounds at 4pm on the dot, they focused their efforts on striking a chord of national awareness in the spirit of Eid. This would be ongoing till later in the evening, until the beginning of the concert at 9 pm. People marching in groups made their way towards the concert arena and took a seat and prepared to relish in what the entertainment of the night had to offer. 

Organisers shared that the Sout Al Rayyan music concert is put together every Eid and is always well received. Sout Al Rayyan, the government-run Souq Waqif-based radio has been going strong since 2007, and plays folk and traditional Arabic music. The focus of the radio station is to cater to the tastes of those that have a taste for the conventional and organises annual music festivals as well as recurring performances at the Souq whenever opportunity arises. 

This year was no different in the sense that it was both expected and unexpected. Sout Al Rayyan radio multimedia engineer Faisal al Farhan shares,"The music festival is now a must on our annual itinerary, because people have become so used to them. But it goes without saying that the people who attend the concerts take us by surprise, because this much show of support and appreciation for the Eid festival's effort lead us to strive for better next time round."

Appearances by Abdullah al Rowaishid, Mohammed al Salem, Faisal al Rashed and various other artists brought crowds to their feet in an uproar of celebration and admiration. Many onlookers made certain to attend the concert on specific nights in support of the artist being featured that night. Show closer Abdullah al Rowaishid had his entourage of fans at the ready, hanging on his every word. Regardless of where the artist(s) of the night were from, flags from all around the GCC were being waved in a show of unity, festivity and togetherness, which could only have resulted in a wonderful way to celebrate Eid Al Fitr this year.