Posted on June 11, 2016 has announced the launch of its online end-to-end car insurance comparison platform across the UAE, coinciding with Ramadan when both car and car insurance sales are at their peakThis marks a key milestone in Souqalmal’s history, with the site offering consumers the largest choice of insurance providers in the country.

This latest addition to Souqalmal’s portfolio follows the findings from a survey the team conducted specifically ahead of the launch, where an overwhelming percentage of respondents (90%) said they would consider an online platform to renew their car insurance. “Considering the survey findings and our exponential growth in visits in the last year, it is a perfect time to launch our insurance aggregator platform. Consumers are actively asking for the ability to have their policies issued online and we are responding to this request. Insurance companies have welcomed us and have been very progressive in their thinking." said Ambareen Musa, CEO of Souqalmal.

The survey also revealed that 44.8% of respondents chose agency repairs as the most important to them when selecting an insurance policy, whilst only 20% chose price and a small 1.5% of respondents said they consider off road cover important. “We are quite surprised by the number of respondents considering off-road though given the popularity of off-roading in the country and the chances of an accident taking place.” added Musa.

The new Souqalmal car insurance platform is fully secure and most importantly customer-centric, allowing users to get real time quotes in less than 60 seconds and have their policy issued to them in 60 minutes (time to policy for each provider is actually specified on the site). Beyond convenience, it also gives users the ability to compare the best policy for them based on all critical cover options (not only price) and their individual impact on premiums. Customers also have access to a UAE based call-centre 7 days a week for any questions and support. Users can also download a fully dedicated buyer’s guide to car insurance in UAE, the first of its kind in the country.

“We found that many customers did not realize that their insurance premium is directly correlated with the value of their car, which they actually have the ability to dictate within a certain range. We encourage our users to ensure that when they compare quotes from different brokers that the same value of the car is being used to compute their premium.  It is very easy for a broker to give you what appears to be a cheaper premium just because they used a lower valuation for your car.” added Musa.

To coincide with the launch, Souqalmal revealed its new mascot Sam, set to be the face behind Souqalmal’s Insurance, to further help consumers compare before they buy. Sam helps them every step of the way, from enabling them to navigate financial jargon and simplified terms and conditions, to comparing all products available in market and being able to purchase policies and financial products online.

To further celebrate this latest launch, Souqalmal has teamed up with TravelStart, a like minded online travel aggregator, to offer its first car insurance customers up to AED500 off their travels. (T&Cs apply)