Posted on July 02, 2013

Spark Digital, the leading social media agency in Qatar, has recently launched a user friendly tool to help business owners and managers to calculate the estimated target audience that they could reach using online advertising. The new tool called Advertisement Estimator (“Ad Estimator”) is a simulation of what digital media services agencies could do to help business owners reach out to their target audience in the market.

Spark Digital has recently conducted a study over the span of six months regarding social media usage patters in the Middle East. The study that entailed 22 Arab countries has shown that every three seconds another person in our region signs up for Facebook.

According to the International Wireless Symposium (“IWS”), 86% of the population of Qatar is active Internet users while there are over 700 thousand Facebook subscribers in the country. Qatar has also topped the Middle East in cell phone broadband usage according to Euro Monitor International’s country briefing report, “Technology, Communication and Media: Qatar”.

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With the number of Internet users in Qatar growing by the day, businesses have started to realize the importance of online marketing and advertising. The “Demographics Estimator” is a simple demonstration of the possible expansion opportunities that digital marketing can give to businesses. Narrowing down target audiences based on location, age, gender and even personal interest is possible using this tool and thus a guaranteed worth of advertising value is reached and maximized.

Nino Kader, CEO of Spark Digital commented on the subject: “For the first time we are making it possible for any company to advertise to the Arab world as a single marketplace." Kader also added: "Hundreds of people have already used the Ad Estimator to determine the online audience they can reach. Now any size business can market their product or service to millions and millions of people. Traditionally TV was the only way to do this and that can be very expensive."

Recent studies have shown that digital marketing is now the second largest advertising tool globally after television advertising. It is actually more effective as it is easy to trace the number of users who view the advertisement.

Social media and digital media agencies use the demographic selection results to advertise on popular websites and social media platforms such as Google, Facebook and Twitter. Spark Digital is the local pioneer in this context and the only Qatari company that provides this service to local businesses in order to ensure maximum exposure based on an understanding of the local market needs.

The “Ad Estimator” is now available online and free of charge for trial by visiting this website: