Posted on September 09, 2016

The Public Parks Department has formed a special field team and visited all the public parks to make the necessary maintenance needed in preparation for Eid Al Adha.

Mohammed Ali Al Khouri, Director, Public Parks Department at the Ministry of Municipality and Environment told this daily that “the team checked the green spaces, playground equipment and bathrooms and did maintenance work for all facilities”. Plants in the park which were lost because of high temperatures during summer have been replaced by new ones. the parks are now ready to receive visitors. “Our focus is more on the big parks which are expected to witness more visitors such as Sheraton Park, the Museum of Islamic Art Park, Dahl Al Hamam Park and Onaiza among others,” he said.

And due to the good weather and the decrease in humidity, Al Khouri said he expected more  people to visit parks during Eid days especially families to enjoy their time with children. “In Doha alone there are about 29 public parks and are ready to receive people,” said Al Khouri. He said also that despite high temperatures, the department will continue  saving irrigation water in the Parks under the Tarsheed programme which was started last year. Under the programme water flow sensors, installed recently in all public parks, are used thereby conserving 60 percent of water.

The Department also has used another irrigation facility which uses average water consumption at a scheduled time, which guarantees using only the quantity allocated for every plant.

source: The Peninsula