Posted on September 09, 2013

Qatar Chemical and Petrochemical Marketing and Distribution Company (Muntajat) Q.J.S.C., recently received the modern 2011 built LPG carrier “GAS IONIAN” on time charter in Mesaieed, Qatar. Recognised for high safety and efficiency performance, the “GAS IONIAN” 9,000 cubic meter vessel will primarily be used to transport vinyl chloride monomer (VCM) produced by Qatar Vinyl Company to customers on the sub-continent and South East Asia.

Abdulrahman Ali Al-Abdulla

Distinguished guests from Muntajat and Qatar Vinyl Company (QVC) met with the crew onboard to discuss future plans and shipments. Mr. Abdulrahman Ali Al-Abdulla, Chief Executive Officer of Muntajat said: “Muntajat’s operational strength emanates from its ability to reduce lead-times and decentralise distribution; we are always seeking new ways to maximise efficiency in our operations for the benefit of our customers. We are pleased to add to our fleet this state of the art vessel that will enable us to achieve new levels of efficiency and economy in distribution. Muntajat will acquire similar modern tonnage in the future as we look to further expand our network.

The Chief Executive Officer of QVC, Eng. Hamad Rashed Al-Nuaimi, said: “QVC has been producing VCM since 2001 and our VCM is mainly supplied to the Indian Subcontinent. I am sure this new ship will add value and flexibility for transportation of VCM to valued customers of Muntajat. QVC products are well accepted in the market and we believe that Muntajat’s market presence and service to its customers will be improved by this ship.” 

Mr. Yousef Jeham Al Kuwari, Executive Director Marketing and Sales at Muntajat commented: “Taking on this new ship clearly demonstrates Muntajat’s commitment to providing safe and reliable distribution of Qatar‘s chemical products to our customers. Additionally the new vessel will be able to carry two grades of cargo at the same time, which provides Muntajat with additional flexibility.”

Eng. Hamad Rashed Al-Nuaimi

Dr. Mark Betts, Muntajat’s Executive Director of Operations commented: “The ship has her own nitrogen plant on board which allows the GAS IONIAN to nitrogen purge her cargo tanks. The new ship had already shown impressive capabilities in gassing up and cooling down her cargo tanks in less than 24 hours compared to the usual 48 hours. Furthermore the ship loaded a full cargo of 8,450 metric tonnes of VCM in a safe and efficient manner which benefits both producers and customers.”  

The new GAS IONIAN is expected to further enhance the operation of Muntajat and guarantee faster shipping time to better serve global customers.

In the course of the past few months, Muntajat’s shipments have reached across Asia, Africa, Europe, North America and South America. The company will rely on its advanced supply chain programme to reduce product delivery lead times and better serve its global customers.

Since its establishment in August 2012, Muntajat has been finalising the necessary approvals as well as consulting with all nine operating entities in Qatar’s chemical and petrochemical industry to prepare for a full transition of their sales, marketing and distribution functions to Muntajat. Already this year, Muntajat has taken over all the marketing and distribution functions of Qatar Fuel Additives Company Limited (QAFAC), Qatar Fertiliser Company (QAFCO), SEEF Limited, Qatar Vinyl Company Ltd. (QVC), Qatar Petrochemical Company (QAPCO) Q.S.C and Qatofin Company Limited.

LPG carrier GAS IONIAN vessel