Posted on June 07, 2019

The Ministry of Municipality and Environment represented by health monitoring units of the municipalities launched massive crackdown on abattoirs to ensure they are complying with health rules during Eid Al Fitr when demand of meat increases significantly.

A team comprising with inspectors and veterinary doctors from the Health Monitoring Unit of Al Sheehaniya Municipality checked 2,440 slaughtered animals at mobile abattoir of Widam Food company from the beginning of holy month of Ramadan till second day of Eid Al Fitr. The inspectors destroyed 36 slaughtered animals after they were found unfit for human consumption. Al Sheehaniya Municipality warned people against slaughtering animals out of abattoirs with the help of vendors due to lack of veterinary services to confirm whether the animals were free from any infectious diseases.

The Health Monitoring Unit at Al Rayyan Municipality checked over 1,000 slaughtered animals to ensure whether they were fit for human consumption on first day of Eid Al Fitr. The Municipality tested over 9,000 slaughtered animals during Ramadan to ensure the quality and validity of the meat.

source: The Peninsula