Posted on September 22, 2013

Occidental Petroleum of Qatar Ltd. (Oxy Qatar) hosted a group of 27 high school and university students in the company’s 2013 Summer Internship Program, which ran from late May through August.

Depending on their area of interest or study, the interns worked in various technical departments including Drilling and Engineering (Reservoir, Facilities or Operations), or in support services such as Human Resources (HR), Public Relations, Legal Affairs and Supply Chain. High school students took part in a one-week internship, during which they were trained by departmental mentors. Students from universities, such as Qatar University, Texas A&M Qatar, Georgetown, had the opportunity to obtain paid, hands-on work experience for four to six weeks.

The Oxy Qatar Internship Program is designed to provide relevant experience for students who will soon be part of the Qatari workforce. Most of the participants learn about Oxy Qatar’s internship opportunities through The Qatar Career Fair At the conclusion of their internships, the university students present what they have learned to their mentors, executive management and fellow interns. The program also offers orientation sessions, training in presentation and other skills, and field trips.

Lulwa Al-Malki, a four-week intern in the HR department, said, “I am a Qatar University student and I found out about Oxy’s summer internship through the 2013 career fair. One of Oxy’s greatest qualities is delegation. We had responsibilities, tasks and projects to complete on our own. Also, we have been treated like employees, respected and taken seriously. I will definitely recommend Oxy Qatar to anyone looking for an educational summer internship.”  

Other interns also expressed satisfaction with the work atmosphere at Oxy and were appreciative of the help they received from their mentors and other Oxy employees. Cosette Sagalovitsch, who interned in the HR documentation office, noted: “Occidental Petroleum is a multicultural environment, which has improved my skills and shown me the importance of understanding and working with colleagues of varied backgrounds and perspectives. Everyone was extremely helpful and friendly. This is a huge part of what made it such a great experience.”

Regardless of where they ultimately find employment, Oxy Qatar’s interns are given an opportunity to discover how different the workplace is from student life.  Abdulrahman Al-Anssari, an intern in the Asset Integrity department, said, “One of the advantages that makes any student want to be in Oxy’s summer internship program is what you achieve there, since it is not only about filling a timesheet, but it is an improvement in knowledge and progression in dealing with work, managing time, arranging priorities, accomplishing missions, and depending on yourself.”

Stephen Kelly, Oxy Qatar President and General Manager, said: “Oxy is committed to investing in people and communities. Our goal each year is to enhance opportunities for local students through the Summer Internship Program, which is open for applications as early as January.” Addressing the students, Mr. Kelly said “I hope that what you take from this experience will be useful in whatever career you eventually embark upon. We give our interns real work, so that the internships are valuable for all concerned; the students get meaningful experience, and the company gratefully receives extra help.”