Posted on January 21, 2017

In a study by a student of the Qatar University it was revealed that a good number of students are undergoing plastic surgery procedures or are planning to have one in the future. 

Arabic daily Al Sharq said in a report that final-year student in Department of Public Health, Abir Abu Qaoud, in a study titled “Experiences, motivations, psychological and social factors associated with plastic surgeries in Qatar University students”, concluded that a high percentage of students, more than 24 percent, had plastic surgery or have a desire to do the same in the future.

The study was done under the supervision of Dr Manar Hassan. The study finds that there is a strong relation between the motive for undergoing a plastic surgery and the experiences of friends and relatives with these type of procedures. Results of the study suggest that plastic surgery procedures are in a nascent stage and could have undesirable consequences if not practiced with properly and that more studies are required on various social and psychological aspects of the subject.

Vitamin D

Under the supervision of Dr Ilham Sharif from the Department of Biomedical Sciences, two students Ilham Ajaj and Tala Ismail presented a research project titled “Impact of CYP2R1 in the level of Vitamin D in human” and the study found that the carrier like rs2060793 are most at risk of deficiency level of Vitamin D.

source: The Peninsula