Posted on July 26, 2015

A dramatic satirical comedy, 'Bashouesh' made its debut on the stage of the drama theatre in Katara during Eid Al Fitr holidays, said Qatar Tribune.

The opening night rallied audiences by the hundreds, and the play will conclude on July 27 with great support from local and regional artistes, and theatre goers. The long running time for the play is to garner the largest possible audience to view, especially since the plot presents an unprecedented take on current events. 'Bashouesh' was written by the celebrated Tayseer Abdullah and directed by renowned director Saad Burshaid, along with a diversified cast of 16 widely appreciated artistes among the many actors including Khalid al Ajreeb, Ali al Ghreer, Khalil al Rumais, Munira Mohammed and Mohammed al Sunni.

The Al Sailiyah Production Company put together their version of the dream team with regards to local and regional artistes, with all their best efforts put forward. The play, portrayed to be a head-on comedy, discusses the media onslaught against the organisation of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. Since the play is considered a public offering, the plot boldly penetrates in to the depths of the problem, sheds a light on the facilities provided by Qatar in set of acts and scenes and delves into the subject of expatriates and the positive steps in which Qatar proceeds with regards to an equal set of rights for all.

'Bashouesh' is a message sent out from Qatar to the Middle East and beyond, depicting that the play is not merely a cultural obligation to provide entertainment to the residents of Qatar, but a stand against all those that negate Qatar's right to host the FIFA World Cup. A bold statement that the artistes stand by and defend, as a personal, local and regional right that they hold in the highest regard and defend vigorously. The play is one of many means in which this message has been relayed.

Qatari artiste Ali al Ghreer gave insight to Qatar Tribune with regards to his role and affiliation to the play:"I consider myself a member of the national theatre and my testimony here is none other than national pride, and a solid means for which I can do that. Working with both Tayseer Abdullah and Saad Burshaid for the umpteenth time only speaks of how unity is profound to us. When this project came along, I agreed to take part without reading the script which is something I never do but I knew that working with them and on a project so worthwhile was something I didn't need to think twice about."

Taking a stand for World Cup 2 [].jpgGhreer continues to counteract the media ploys that work with the sole purpose of discrediting Qatar before the world, in which they are falsifying facts to prove that Qatar is ineligible to host the World Cup. He states,"If this was all just to say that we are incapable then it wouldn't be a problem because we like our chance to show that we can defeat the odds and prove all that doubt us wrong. But to attack us viciously saying that our government does not care for human rights or about labour laws opens us up to retaliation. To deflect from outright attack, we equip ourselves to be artistic and masterful and engage audiences on a social and interactive level. This play may not reach everyone, but word of mouth is enough."

And it cannot be disputed that the buzz generated from 'Bashouesh' will last for a long time to come, long enough to do what all the participants hoped it would achieve. The thoughtful play concludes with a standing ovation with the crowds cheering"Kulluna Qatar" known to mean"we are all Qatar", which definitely puts the message behind 'Bashouesh' in the spotlight. Actress Munira Mohammed added that while it was a long process preparing for the play, everyone involved from the cast and crew, to the organisers and management worked in unison to produce a heartfelt message of presenting a united front among members of the GCC.

"Working with my fellow cast members and our wonderful director Saad Burshaid was exciting and challenging in the best way. We gave our full dedication to making this successful because we all have a stake in the reward of our message reaching the audience. It saddens me that this will end, but the gratifying pride that I participated in this play will be with me forever." With two showings at both 7pm then again at 9pm, the chance remains available to see the masterful work of a highly talented cast. Ticket prices range from QR200 to QR1,500 and can be obtained at the Katara Drama Theatre, building 16 at Katara Cultural Village.