Posted on October 06, 2019

TASMU Smart Qatar Program, a flagship program by the Ministry of Transport and Communications (MoTC), has celebrated this year’s Techies Day by hosting a group of technologically advanced youth in MoTC’s premises.

Techies Day, which takes place every 3rd of October, aims to promote careers in technology among young people. The day celebrates people who love technology, with a greater focus on promoting jobs in the tech field amongst the youth. To highlight this year’s Techies Day, TASMU invited participants from its most recent hackathons to attend a tour led by Eman Al-Kuwari, Senior Operations Specialist at TASMU. During the tour, Qatar’s technologically advanced youth got to learn about TASMU’s Smart Qatar Program and the future career opportunities this will bring to the nation.  

Eman Al-Kuwari, Senior Operations Specialist at TASMU, said: “It was important for us to celebrate Techies Day to showcase to the youth the power of their knowledge and how it can be both nurtured and flourished to help advance our society. Between 2017 and 2022, Qatar will develop the necessary technological infrastructure and equip youth, entrepreneurs, and professionals with advanced digital skills in an effort to accelerate the growth of the job market in the ICT sector by 10% every year. This is something TASMU is committed to supporting and promoting within our youth.”

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Mohammad Al Saffar, a student, said: “I want to thank TASMU for taking the time on Techies Day to show us around and introduce us to the Smart Qatar Program. In a time where I was confused about which degree to pursue to help accomplish my career goals, TASMU showed me how following my passion for technology will be filled with opportunities that will better shape our country.”

TASMU is the central platform uniting global innovators with the needs of the local market to execute Qatar’s smart country vision. The TASMU Smart Qatar Program is designed to accelerate the achievement of all the pillars of the Qatar National Vision (QNV) 2030. TASMU fosters collaboration and coordination with governmental entities to align collective efforts in delivering the QNV 2030 through innovation and advanced technology, driving the nation towards being a knowledge-based economy and helping to increase the job market in the ICT sector.

TASMU defines a smarter Qatar not by the use of sophisticated technologies but by the impact it will deliver on the lives of the people. TASMU is facilitating Qatar’s transformation into a Smart Country, which means increased convenience and accessibility for Qatar’s citizens, residents and visitors. TASMU is developing over 100 use-cases that address national challenges across TASMU’s five priority sectors, Transportation, Healthcare, Logistics, Environment and Sports. The first and second wave of these use-cases which will be implemented in 2020 includes real-time crowd and transportation management, intelligent road signage, national food security analytics, digital shipping guide, virtual physician consultation services, mobile clinics, active living index, and more.