Posted on March 06, 2019

Ahead of Qatar Olympic Committee’s (QOC) 40thanniversary celebration, Team Qatar’s female handball team made a special visit to Al Shefaa Primary School for girls today for another memorable masterclass. The female athletes went on a mission to raise awareness and promote physical activity amongst young girls as well as to highlight the importance of working as a team.

Through the two-hourmasterclass session, aspiring schoolgirls were able to grasp the basic knowledge of handball as well as learn more about the national women’s team and what motivates them. Six of Team Qatar’s female handball athletes delivered an inspirational masterclass to 30 female students from the 6thgrade. During the session, athletes took the opportunity to first introduce themselves to the 12-year-old students and give a brief background about handball, its rules and team structure. Before going straight into trying handball, the team encouraged students to warm up and learn how to work as a team with their classmates by passing the ball around to one another.

Team Qatar’s female handball 1 [].jpg

Team Qatar’s Handball playmaker Maryam Al Suwaidi commented on her school visit experience: “I remember being 13 and full of energy and excited to try new sports and interests. I remember the first time I tried handball and realized that my passion lies within sport. Engaging with the students was a phenomenal experience that brought back good memories from my childhood. Starting any sport from grassroots is important and I’m grateful to see schools invest time in physical education and encourage a culture of sport and physical activity”.

The masterclass included tips on passing the ball, communicating with team members, controlling techniques on court and learning about the scoring system. Not only was this an effective workout but the students had the opportunity to be coached by professionals as well as learn more about living a sporty life and how they can become more involved in sports around the country. Commenting on the visit, school principle Mrs. Najlaa Al Kuwari said: “With International Women’s Day being celebrated all over the world this week, it was good timing for our schoolgirls to look up at inspirational role models from the female handball team. I was glad to see our students engage with the athletes and show interest in handball – many are interested to take up team sport and consider a healthy lifestyle.”

Team Qatar’s female handball 2 [].jpg

QOC is celebrating its 40th anniversary on 14th March, marking tremendous successes in the different sports fields at all levels over the years. Since its new brand launch in 2017 the QOC refreshed its image to focus on uniting, inspiring and engaging the community through Team Qatar athletes. In that occasion, the QOC in collaboration with the Ministry of education and higher education and national federations are arranging for 40 school visits this year. Team Qatar’s school visits will help QOC accomplish its mission to promote sport participation to the next generation and the whole community.