Posted on October 15, 2019

On 15 October, the Technical Committee for Artworks organised “Artworks for Beautification of Doha” conference to present its artists' plan. This committee is established under the Supervising Committee of Beautification of Roads and Public Places in Qatar, and it includes members from the main committee at Public Works Authority ‘Ashghal’, Qatar Museums Authority, the Ministry of Culture and Sports, and the Ministry of Municipality and Environment (MME).

The conference was held at National Museum of Qatar in the presence of Eng. Mohammed Arqoub Al Khaldi, Chairman of the Supervising Committee of Beautification of Roads and Public Places at Ashghal, Mr. Ahmed Musa Al Namlah, Acting Chief Executive Officer of Qatar Museums, Mr. Salman Ibrahim Al Malik, Director of the Visual Art Center at the Ministry of Culture and Sports, Eng. Abdulrahman Al-Ishaq, Head of Public Arts Section at Qatar Museums and Eng. Mubarak Al Nuaimi, Engineering Advisor at MME, in addition to a number of veteran artists in Qatar.

The conference started with a presentation by Eng. Fatima Al-Zaraa, member of the Supervising Committee of Beautification of Roads and Public Places in Qatar, in which she talked about the national level cooperation between many state entities to achieve the objectives of the Committee. She further explained the reasons for choosing the development of the Doha Central as the first endeavor of cooperation among the committee members. The Central Doha Development Project is the first endeavor of cooperation of four government entities through the Technical Committee for Artworks. The project covers large areas of Doha city including the Doha Corniche. Its main purpose is to create a distinctive spirit for the area with a special architectural outlook matching its nature and history, linking its roads and streets with pedestrian and cycle paths, and to make the area more lively with ease of access.

Due to the importance and special nature of this location, the committee has given it priority to beautify with artworks with the help of artists among natives and residents, giving them a chance to have their prints in the beloved country, Qatar. The Technical Committee for Artworks announced that all young artists, Qatari and residents, are welcomed to participate in several locations of this project, provided that they are over 21 years old. For more information and registration, this link can be used:

On his part, Eng. Mohammed Arqoub Al-Khaldi, Chairman of the Supervising Committee of Beautification of Roads and Public Places, stated that the committee aims to strengthen the cultural, artistic and technical cooperation in the field of art and 3D Models between the concerned entities of the country. This could be achieved through utilising artistic creativity and innovative production of talents of people in Qatar, to enrich cities and roads with distinctive aesthetic outlook, highlighting the Qatari identity in the field of art and sculpture, and enhancing the artistic culture of the people in the State of Qatar.

Mr. Ahmed Al Namlah, Acting CEO of Qatar Museums said, “We value this trend of co-operation to spread culture and art across the community and we are excited about this project. We at Qatar Museums have tremendous experience and a legacy of general art projects as it is one of our focus areas. The general art of Qatar Museums is exhibited in the public places of Qatar including the Hamad International Airport, Salwa Road Tunnels, other main roads and public places. We are committed to harnessing our potential, to put our artistic and operational expertise to serve this project in cooperation with our partners. This cooperation will result in the transformation of the Doha Central area and Doha city in general into a stunning and eye-catching painting. ”

To that point, Mr. Salman Ibrahim Al Malik, Director of the Visual Art Center at the Ministry of Culture and Sports, explained the Ministry's role in introducing Qatari and local artists, their artistic history and respective fields, as well as providing artistic, cultural and intellectual services related to arts and 3D Models suitable to the nature of the place. Eng. Abdulrahman Al Ishaq, Head of Public Arts Section at Qatar Museums, spoke about the role of Qatar Museums in bringing the cultural experience from closed spaces such as museums to the outer world, with the aim of attracting and engaging as many audiences from cultural producers to innovators, and contributing technical expertise in the execution of works.

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Regarding the role of MME, Eng. Mubarak Al Nuaimi, Engineering Advisor at MME, stressed on the importance of cooperation to ensure the compatibility of sites and artworks with the urban plans in place and future plans for the site, focusing on the urban outlook of the proposed works. Whereas Eng Sara Kafood, a member of the Supervising Committee of Beatification of Roads and Public Places pointed out that the role of the Committee includes presenting the projects that need artworks, define the nature of the project and the schedule of completion, approved design and other elements of the project, in addition to reviewing the proposals from the point of architectural and engineering perspective.

Fahd Al Maadid, Fine Artist, says that during the open invitation, he will submit his required proposals and artworks. “God willing it will challenging to be accepted,’ he added expressing his joy at the conference for the support made to Qatari artists. Ahmad Al Maadid, Fine Artist extended thanks the organizers of the conference and his participation, noting that he aspires to present proposals to be impressive enough to the Committee and applicable making good history in Qatar Ali Al Kuwari, Fine Artists, voiced the significance of the meeting, granting appreciation to the organisers since he often wished more interest in Qatari artists and heritage-related artworks.

The Supervising Committee of Beautification of Roads and Public places in Qatar

The committee works in coordination with several ministries and other entities at Qatar including the Ministry of Transport and Communications, Ministry of Culture and Sports, Qatar Museums Authority, Qatar Railway Company, Private Engineering Bureau among others. This Committee is responsible for five major tasks including construction of central public parks, provision of dedicated lanes for pedestrians and bicycles, development of the Doha Corniche, development of Central Doha, and increasing afforestation and greenery areas.

The Committee's projects aim to revive and maintain local elements from the Qatari urban settings which in turn contribute and increase the Qatari cultural identity and its public realm. The committee is also working to encourage partnership with local artists to add an artistic and cultural footprint in different spaces.