Posted on November 01, 2014

Vodafone Prepaid customers can now enjoy ten times more data with all Vodafone Internet Cards that are activated as of the 31st of October 2014. Vodafone customers will be able to surf, browse and download their favourite videos or music like never before with ten times the usual data allowance. Vodafone customers will be able to get this great deal by purchasing a data scratch card at any Vodafone outlet, or by recharging online or recharging at one of Vodafone’s Self-service machines at Vodafone’s retail stores. The offer is valid until the 31st of December 2014.

With Vodafone’s new ten times more data promotion, customers can now enjoy: 2.5GB instead of 250MB with the Internet Monthly Pack 20; or 10GB instead of 1GB with the Internet Monthly Pack 50; or 60GB instead of 6GB with the Internet Monthly Pack 100; or Unlimited data with the Internet Monthly Pack 200. Data allowances on Internet Monthly Pack 20, 50 and 100 are valid for 30 days. For the Internet Monthly Pack 200, data allowances are valid for 60 days.

Ten times more data with [].jpgVodafone Qatar said: “This amazing promotion will take our customers’ internet experience to newer heights. Whether they are looking to surf the internet, play video games, listen to music, watch their favourite videos or simply stay connected with family and friends, our customers can now enjoy these amazingly enhanced data allowances like never before. This is truly an offer not to be missed and one which will add a lot of value and guarantee our customers delightful, worry-free experiences empowering them to be confidently connected at all times.”

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