Posted on November 21, 2017

Students from Texas A&M University at Qatar who led a drive to raise funds to help their fellow main campus students affected by a devastating hurricane have been recognized for their generosity and spirit.

The Texas A&M at Qatar students — led by the Qatari Students Association and Al-Sanna — raised $21,000 (QAR 78,475) during the daylong Texas Tough Together fundraiser, which featured food and juice stalls, and sales of merchandise such as t-shirts, coffee mugs and water bottles. All proceeds from Texas Tough Together went to the Texas A&M University Student and Employee Disaster Relief Fund. The Student Senate at Texas A&M’s main campus in College Station, Texas (USA), have recently passed a resolution honoring the student body at Texas A&M at Qatar for their generosity.

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The resolution read, in part, “Whereas in the spirit of taking care of others, Texas A&M at Qatar campus organizations, the Qatari Students Association (QSA) and Al-Sanna and the Office of Outreach at Texas A&M University at Qatar created the Texas Tough Together event for those in Qatar to offer and send support to the ones affected by this unprecedented storm; let it be resolved that the 70th session of the Texas A&M University Student Senate officially recognizes the generosity and contribution of the TAMUQ students through the Texas Tough Together event to help those affected by Hurricane Harvey; and let it be further resolved that the Texas A&M University Student Senate express appreciation in particular to QSA and Al-Sanna for organizing this event and supporting this cause to help Aggies and Texans-at-large 8,000 miles away.”

Texas A&M President Michael K. Young said approximately 45 percent of Texas A&M’s main campus’s student body — which is more than 31,000 students (called “Aggies”) — come from one of the counties affected by Hurricane Harvey, with “many students arriving for classes with literally just the clothes on their backs after wading through waist-deep water in their hometowns.” Fatima Hassen, Al-Sanna president, said she felt compassion for her fellow Aggies and that she needed to serve her peers. "I am here to pursue my degree in engineering,” Hassen said. “However, I am also here to be an ‘Aggie’ engineer, by which I mean an engineer who holds integrity and loyalty towards fellow Aggies. Aggies always help other Aggies, and I believe it is my responsibility as an Aggie to help out and do my best to serve my community."

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QSA president Mohammad AlMansouri agreed, saying, “The main campus is our source of sustainable development. Therefore, it is prominent that we provide help with all of our power to ensure that this cooperation lasts for the greater good. We do not want Aggies to think of this campus and our main campus as mere branches. We want them to see each other as extended families. The Qatari Students Association will always answer the call and support their familial Aggies from main campus." Texas A&M at Qatar dean Dr. César Octavio Malavé commended the students for their dedication to the Aggie family and their commitment to helping where and when help is needed.

“Here in Qatar, we may be separated from our Aggie family by distance, but we are united in our shared spirit of selfless service and helping those in need,” Malavé said. “I’m proud of our Aggies for their generosity and selfless service, and for truly embodying the core values that unite all Texas Aggies.”

T-shirts, mugs and water bottles are still available for purchase; email For more about the Texas A&M University Student and Employee Disaster Relief Fund, visit