Posted on February 01, 2019

The General Directorate of Traffic launched 2019 Traffic Awareness Plan.

Col. Mohammad Radhi Al Hajri, Director of Media and Traffic Awareness Department, at the General Directorate of Traffic said that the traffic statistics for 2018 are positive, which means that serious accidents causing deaths have decreased, noting that the department will release this details soon. About the new awareness plan, he said: “The Plan includes safe driving program, community partnership program,  phone and inattention campaign and public occasion programme etc.” Al Hajri statement came during a media partnership meet to promote traffic awareness under the slogan ‘Together for an Accident-free Environment’ organised by The General Directorate of Traffic. 

The meeting was attended by a number of traffic officers, as well as a number of intellectuals and media professionals. The forum discussed the importance of community partnership in traffic awareness programmes and their role in spreading traffic safety messages. It also discussed media opportunities available and means to develop them in order to take advantage of them in the field of traffic awareness. “The traffic awareness plan for this year also includes many workshops and awareness lectures,” Al Hajri noted. About a question whether drivers who were getting new license were behind most of traffic accidents, he said that the drivers who were getting new license are more careful in driving as compared to others. “The main reason behind traffic accident is the engagement of drivers either with their mobiles or other gadgets,” he said.

First Lieutenant Abdul Wahid Al Anzi spoke about the programmes offered by the Awareness Department and their impact on the various environments in the community through the Department’s annual plan to spread traffic awareness through schools, shopping malls and social networking programmes in order to reach the youth. He stressed that the reduction of accidents is not the responsibility of the General Directorate of traffic alone, but the responsibility of everyone. For her part, Mariam Al Hammadi talked about the social partnership and its importance in spreading traffic awareness, noting the knowledge about the indicators of the decrease in accidents, and the impact of this positively on achieving the vision of Qatar.

source: The Peninsula