Posted on July 23, 2018

Beware traffic laws violators! Speed radars are no longer fixed and can be anywhere and on any vehicle either parked or driving on roads. The General Directorate of Traffic on Sunday announced installing of new radars on the front of their vehicles (Police or civil vehicles) patrolling around the country to curb the phenomenon of speeding.

The radars use the infrared technology which has no flash light with a speed detector operating even while the vehicle is moving in any weather conditions. It also captures the photograph of the violating vehicle with the number plate and sends the information to the patrolling officer. The radar will cover both external and internal roads most of the complaints come from. The announcement was made during the weekly seminar held as part of the Traffic Department's 'accident-free summer' campaign. 

Besides that, the General Directorate of Traffic has launched a civil patrol equipped with a modern radar device to cover the external and the internal roads where there are many complaints coming from. The radar inside the car can catch the violations of the over-speed of the cars during the patrolling and its operation on the road. According to Captain Shabib Mohammed al Nuaimi, equipped with the latest technical features, the radar has a speed sensor, which is not visible and can shoot the cars in both directions. The patrol car is equipped with control devices with whose help the patrolling officials can fix the speed of the large and small vehicles, as well as identify the street number. It can also shoot photographs and film the video.

Moreover, the Head of Traffic Department of the North Abdullah Mohammed al Humaidi said on the occasion that the theme of the campaign this week is 'For your safety, fasten your seatbelt'. "Unfastening seatbelts while driving is one of the major factors responsible for injuries and fatalities in road accidents," Lt Col Humaidi said. He stressed the fact that seatbelts are there for the safety of motorists and passengers and most of the fatalities occur when people do not use it and as a result are thrown out of the vehicle when an accident takes place. 

Humaidi urged all media platforms to highlight the effects and consequences of unfastening seatbelts while driving and the society to cooperate in the department's mission to raise awareness about this issue. According to him, the campaign has evoked positive response from people and in the past two weeks, violations regarding using mobile phones while driving has significantly reduced. He said that the violation of phone use during driving has decreased to 340 in a week.

source: Qatar Tribune