Posted on December 01, 2017

The General Directorate of Traffic opened an office for traffic services at Hamad International Airport (HIA) to serve passengers and the airport staff and the residents.

The new office provides various services to the public, such as vehicle licences and registration, transfer vehicle ownership, payment of traffic violations, renewal of driving licences, road permits (istimara) and other related traffic services. The office currently works during the morning period from 6:30am to 1pm, but it plans to open in two shifts. It is expected to receive from forty to sixty visitors daily and the number will increase when more people will get aware about new facility. The opening came as part of the department’s plans to expand and facilitate its services in various areas of the country.

Capt. Ali Morshed Al Nuaimi, Head of the External Services Department at the General Directorate of Traffic, said that the office serves the airport staff, passengers and others and relieves difficulties for anyone who has traffic transactions, as they can be easily cleared at Hamad International Airport. “Some residents who have committed traffic violations and they are set to leave the country, they can pay the fines at the office before departure in order to avoid any delay that may cause problems for the traveler. The General Directorate of Traffic is keen to expand its offices and service centers to serve the public and to save time and effort,” Al Nuaimi added.

Replying to a question if some passengers face problems among traffic services which might lead to delay or cancellation of their flight, he said that the traffic external services aim to facilitate any obstacles people might face especially in places like HIA. “The office will serve in addition to passengers the HIA’s employees and this is our aim to make services closer to residents”. When asked whether the department was planning to open more such facilities in other places, Al Nuaimi noted: “Currently they are opening only this office but the department has a plan to serve all areas in the country”.

source: The Peninsula