Posted on January 23, 2018

Turkish Airlines is starting off 2018 with a special offer for their valued customers in Qatar. Passengers can enjoy a discount of up to 60% on flights to major cities across Europe, The United States and Canada.

Economy class passengers can benefit from a 60% discount now applied on flights to New York, Los Angeles, Toronto, Paris, Frankfurt, London, and Rome, a 40% discount on flights to Miami, Washington, Malaga, Prague, Berlin, and Boston and a 30% discount on flights to Montreal, Chicago, Houston, Lisbon and Madrid. Business passengers can also benefit a discount of 40% on flights to Munich and a 30% discount on flights to Toronto, Washington, and Boston.

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The offer is valid for passengers booking a flight from now until the 15th of February valid for a travel period of 8th February to 31st December 2018. Book your Economy ticket now and fly from Doha to New York for QAR 2,510, Los Angeles for QAR 3,110, Toronto for QAR 2,610, Paris for QAR 1,510, Frankfurt for QAR 1,660, London for QAR 1,610, Rome for QAR 1,410, Miami for QAR 3,010, Washington for QAR 3,010, Malaga for QAR 2,010, Prague for QAR 1,710, Berlin for QAR 2,010, Boston for QAR 3,010, Montreal for QAR 3,210, Chicago for QAR 3,210, Houston for QAR 3,510, Lisbon for QAR 2,210, and Madrid for QAR 2,010.

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The lowest fares for Economy tickets include Rome for QAR 1,410, Paris for QAR 1,510, London for QAR 1,610, Frankfurt for QAR 1,660, Prague for QAR 1,710, and Malaga/ Berlin/ Madrid/ Munich/ Milano/ Vienna for QAR 2,010. Book your Business Class ticket now and fly from Qatar to Munich for QAR 7,010 and to Toronto/Washington/Boston for QAR 10,010. The lowest fares for Business Class tickets include Barcelona for QAR 6,010, Munich for QAR 7,010, Amsterdam for QAR 7,010, Vienna for QAR 7,510, London for QAR 8,000, and Frankfurt/Madrid/Geneva/ for QAR 8,010.

Turkish Airlines, currently one of the fastest growing airlines in the world, has been providing excellent services to its passengers through its Business Class services, its Flagship CIP Lounge which can be accessed by Business Class travellers at Atatürk Airport, and its strong reputation for amazing Turkish hospitality and convenience on all levels. Book your winter holiday tickets now on