Posted on June 23, 2014

In support of the Human Development pillar of Qatar’s National Health Strategy, the University of Calgary in Qatar (UCQ) joined forces with Community College of Qatar (CCQ) in a project designed to advance the individual’s ability to manage their own health and wellness.

Eight UCQ nursing students worked closely with students, faculty, and staff at CCQ Women’s Campus for a 7-week period.  As a demonstration of the contribution of nursing to community health, the students used their skills as future leaders in health care to teach others to take ownership of their own ability to live long and healthy lives. UCQ students conducted a series of weekly activities and worked with groups and individuals to examine food and lifestyle choices. Promotion of regular exercise was a key part of the program.

UCQ faculty member and project facilitator Christine MacDonald notes “the project was a wonderful opportunity for our nursing students to engage with CCQ’s student population in educational activities that foster healthier living. The majority of CCQ students we worked with were women, and they all learned from the topics the UCQ students presented each week.”

UCQ nurses promoting health [].jpg

“This was a real collaborative effort between the two schools.  From the outset CCQ President, Dr. Ibraham Al-Naii, welcomed us with a statement of support for our students and their project and highlighted important influence nurses have on the health of people in Qatar. Ms Alfred Haggard, CCQ Science Lab Associate was our liaison and a source of tremendous support. CCQ’s Information Technology (IT) staff spread the word about the weekly health messages through the intercampus media system to 3000 students, faculty, and staff at both CCQ’s Women’s and Men’s Campuses.”

UCQ students participating in this project were Aisha Khan, Maryam Zareei, Sheeba Augustine, Lina Al-Yazidi, Nevin Abunahia, Jainy Joseph, Meera John, and Zenat Kanfosh. The project culminated in a healthy lifestyle display at CCQ to reinforce key points covered throughout the duration of the project.