Posted on February 05, 2020

Qatar is leading innovation in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC)’s multimillion dollar mobile app market, VMware has announced at its recent CIO Exchange Doha.

During the roundtable, held under the theme 'Application Development Transformation: Anywhere, Everywhere,' industry experts and IT professionals highlighted and discussed the challenges and opportunities in Qatar’s mobile app development. The GCC’s mobile app market reached a record-high of USD 920 million in 2019, up 11% on 2018, according to market research firm Statista.

During the event delegates took a deeper look into how organizations across the region and around the world are forming a framework required to embark on application development while considering key aspects like scalability, integration, the utilization of advanced networking, storage, and real-time analytics. Applications, and the ability to ensure their security and integrity, are growing in importance as companies and organizations increasingly rely on modern apps to add functionality and serve customers effectively. There are currently some 335 million apps available today, a figure that is expected to swell to more than 670 million by 2024.

In the course of the roundtable discussions, Marc Frentzel, Solution Director, VMware, and Imad Sfeir, Country Manager for the Gulf, VMware, offered in-depth guidance on how to ensure integrity and security of apps. Wilson Xavier, Research Director IT Services, IDC, presented the latest research findings on the innovative use of emerging technologies, and how they are revolutionizing application development. “Qatar is proving to be a leader in mobile app innovation and user experience, especially as the market grows and apps become a key pillar of organizations’ strategic plans,” said Marc Frentzel. “VMware is committed to helping all types of organization to deploy and secure their apps, in their own datacenters and over any cloud, empowering them to bring maximum benefits in terms of improving operations and the delivery of valuable new services.”

Wilson Xavier, IDC said: “By bringing senior IT executives together for the CIO Exchange, VMware and IDC helped to facilitate valuable discussions about application development among our partners and customers. Participant organizations were also provided with a context of industry best practices and trends in-order to gain a greater understanding of the opportunities open to them as they strategize to seize the potential of modern apps.”