Posted on August 18, 2015

Vodafone is pressing ahead with its network enhancement across Qatar and has today announced that is has completed the upgrade of its network cell sites in the areas of Al-Wakrah and Al-Wukair achieving thus a faster and stronger network experience for customers living and working there. The initiative is part of the company’s network upgrade initiative, which Vodafone embarked on in January 2015, and which aims at offering customers superfast voice and data services, wherever they are.

The upgrade covered 30 sites in Al-Wakrah and Al-Wukair uplifting their 3G capacity by around three times and their 4G capacity by around four times. Vodafone also added 13 new 4G LTE sites to Al-Wakrah, covering 43% more of that area, and providing better LTE, and thus data coverage there. Furthermore, the company also expanded 15 sites with HSDPA Dual Carrier uplifting existing 3G speeds up to a significant 43.2 Mbps. Lastly, the company announced that all 4G sites in Al-Wakrah and Al-Wukair have been uplifted to 4G+ capacity.

Ramy Boctor, Chief Technology Officer of Vodafone Qatar, said: “This is the next big step in our network evolution journey which is set to be completed by October 2015 offering our customers one of the most modern state-of-the-art infrastructures in the world. This strongly reiterates our position as a leader in technology and innovation and our steadfast commitment to provide reliable and fast data and voice services to everyone living and working in Qatar.”

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Very recently, Vodafone Qatar became one of the first telecom operators in the world to have the top speed of up to 375 Mbps live on its network, which provides almost 4 times the speeds of original 4G speeds. This was completed after it tested and rolled out 3 band LTE Carrier Aggregation across its sites in Doha Corniche and the Qatar Science & Technology Park (QSTP) with other additional sites across Doha to be progressively ready by November 2015.

Following the launch of its 4G+ network in May 2015 and a nation-wide network enhancement initiative with an investment of over QAR 500 Million, Vodafone achieved increased 3G and 4G coverage and capacity which produced a significantly better customer experience in both voice and data services.

In April this year, Vodafone concluded the first phase of their network evolution by upgrading every network site in Doha with the latest state of the art technology which means 65% of their network is brand new. In addition the company installed 134 new outdoor sites, 42 indoor sites, 290 4G outdoor sites and 25 4G indoor sites. With this, Vodafone has increased both their 3G and 4G coverage, doubled their 3G capacity, tripled their 4G capacity and tripled their data capacity for better user experience.

In July 2015, Vodafone began the second phase of the network evolution which will see the same improvements achieved earlier in the capital area of Qatar to spread across the entire nation, such as Al-Wakrah and Al-Wukair and others. At the end of this programme, scheduled for October 2015, Vodafone will have overhauled their complete network to offer better network experience in the whole country.