Posted on January 03, 2019

Vodafone Qatar held fun and interactive workshops on digital safety for the children participating in the 19th International Al Bawasil Camp for children with diabetes, organised by the Qatar Diabetes Association.

This came as part of Vodafone’s long running online safety programme, AmanTECH, which is designed to equip children and adults with the right tools to navigate the digital world safely. Since 1999, around 100 children aged 7-11, from Qatar and the greater region have visited Al Bawasil to learn to manage the emotional and physical effects of diabetes. Additionally, the camp incorporates sports and entertainment activities. This is the first year for AmanTECH to be included in the camp’s 5-day programme.

Vodafone holds digital safety 2 [].jpg

The children engaged in a number of activities that required them to perform tasks related to safety online in which they learnt specific skills including identifying fake vs real news, safe online gaming, self-image and reputation online. In line with Vodafone’s commitment to promote online safety across the community, the Company has been rolling out its digital safety training across schools and key events in the country.

The AmanTECH programme includes an online source for information and tips for parents accessible at