Posted on June 03, 2018

Vodafone Qatar and Hifz Al Naema Social Centre have joined hands to distribute Ramadan food baskets that will benefit more than 150 families in need and to raise awareness about food waste. The baskets were personally delivered by Vodafone Qatar’s Head of Public Sector Mohamed Al Yafei and the Company’s Brand Ambassador Ali Bin Towar Al-Kuwari.  

The baskets contain essentials such as chicken, rice, pasta, lentils and milk, that’s enough to feed an entire family throughout the holy month. In parallel, Vodafone Qatar and Hifz Al Naema will use their social media channels to run videos and competitions aimed at raising awareness about food waste.

Food waste is a huge issue in Qatar. According to the latest statistics, food comprises 50 - 60% of total waste in Qatar, with 300 Kilograms wasted a year per person, clearly reflecting the massive amounts of food wasted. Mr. Mohamed Al Yafei, Head of Public Sector, Vodafone Qatar said: “Throughout the holy month we have been encouraging people to say thank you via our ‘Shukran’ Ramadan campaign to encourage everyone to appreciate everything and everyone in their lives. Our work with Hifz Al Naema is our way to share our blessings and hope that our drive to raise food waste awareness will make people think about the negative effects of this.”

Vodafone Qatar and Hifz 2 [].jpg

Mr. Youssef Al-Khulaifi, Public Relations Officer at Hifz Al Naema said “The Ramadan Basket is one of several projects organised by the centre during the holy month for families registered with us and I’d like to express my sincere appreciation for Vodafone’s support for this project. Hifz Al Naema welcomes partnerships and collaborations with companies, government and private institutions, as part of the corporate social responsibility needed to contribute to realising Qatar National Vision 2030.”

Hifz Al Naema is a social awareness centre that utilises, rationalises and recycles the resources available to society in the best way possible. The centre offers its services to those in need, and raises awareness about food waste in Qatar. Hifz Al Naema was launched in 2008 as a community initiative, and the first food bank in Qatar. The centre has two main sections: The Food Bank, which is concerned with maintaining surplus food and dry foods; and the Charity Warehouse, which preserves surplus clothing, furniture as well as electrical and electronic devices.