Posted on February 23, 2020

Vodafone Qatar is giving researchers at the Ministry of Transport and Communications’ TASMU Innovation Lab access to its very latest technologies and solutions.

TASMU Innovation Lab is part of the TASMU program, an MOTC initiative that creates an enabling and collaborative environment for innovation and technological development. As one of the strategic partners of TASMU Innovation Lab, Vodafone Qatar will support and empower visitors who may benefit from the company’s technologies and capabilities. The Innovation Lab was officially inaugurated by His Excellency Jassim bin Saif Al Sulaiti, Minister of Transport and Communications, on 2nd February 2020.

TASMU Innovation Lab is set to stimulate the local innovation ecosystem to deliver national outcomes through emerging technologies and is an integral part of the TASMU Smart Qatar Program, a principal driver of the country’s digital transformation in line with Qatar National Vision 2030. The inauguration saw Vodafone Qatar demonstrate its role as a strategic partner of TASMU Innovation Lab, in the presence of VIPs, senior officials and other attendees during their tour of the facility. Delegates also visited the Injaz area - a collaborative workspace that enhances productivity in a digital environment and which aligns with Vodafone Qatar’s own commitment to help bring innovation and ideas to life.

Vodafone Qatar Business Unit Director, Mr. Mahday Al Hebabi, said: “Vodafone is honored to be working with the Ministry of Transport and Communications as a strategic partner of this important national initiative. TASMU Innovation Lab is an ideal collaborative workspace and we look forward to leveraging our own expertise in telecommunications and digital technologies to inspire digital innovation and drive the local economy in support of Qatar’s development goals.” As part of Vodafone Qatar’s contribution to TASMU Innovation Lab, the company is also showcasing its smart solutions to help the new generation of tech-based businesses understand how they could use these technologies and adopt them in their products and services, which in turn will help address the nation’s strategic requirements.

Among the demonstrations are ‘Vodafone Big Data as a Service’, a product that displays Vodafone’s capability to provide insights using Big Data. In the specific demonstration, the solution can help new restaurants and businesses across the public and private sector take data driven decisions that can be applied for revenue generation and cost optimization. In turn, Vodafone’s ‘Smart Agriculture’ demo shows how the use of real-time data can improve resource allocation and increase water and energy efficiency. The solution provides a fully autonomous irrigation system, which uses sensors to determine water needs, then uses this data to autonomously irrigate based on the precise watering schedules generated.

Vodafone Qatar continues its roll out of infrastructure for future technologies and an ecosystem of advanced digital products and services for the nation, leveraging its 5G GigaNet network, and its Narrowband-IoT (NB-IoT) Network, launched nation-wide in 2019, amongst other next generation technologies.