Posted on May 01, 2018

Vodafone Qatar has launched an enhanced version of its DDoS mitigation solution to protect businesses and governmental sectors’ networks from being attacked.

Distributed Denial of Service attacks or (DDoS) is an attempt to make an organisation’s online service (websites, servers, mails, online payments, and data transfer) unavailable by overwhelming it with traffic from multiple sources. The enhanced mitigation solution makes sure the customer network is protected from different levels of DDoS attacks, including the DDoS attacks targeted at customer applications.

DDoS attacks are designed to target any aspect of an organisation and its resources, and can easily disable a specific computer, service or an entire network, thus making them inaccessible to users. The consequence, for example, could see an online commerce site temporarily unable to transact, or a government site not able to process renewal of personal documents. This downtime results in loss of productivity, loss of visitor traffic, loss of e-commerce transactions, revenue loss, negative brand impact, loss of reputation, reduction in share price and a loss of confidential data. 

“DDos attacks are continuing to evolve in the region and show a continuation of high volume attacks posing a huge risk to organisations and governments. Vodafone was the first service provider globally to provide a managed DDoS mitigation solution, protecting our customers from all types of DDoS attacks since 2004. By combining leading-edge technologies into one resilient platform, we detect attacks in real time and use advanced techniques to mitigate them,” said Mahmud Awad, Business Director, Vodafone Qatar.

In 2017, the Middle East suffered over 23 000 DDos attacks per month, a number which is set to increase in 2018. Qatari organisations specifically had to combat a number of high profile attacks recently.