Posted on March 14, 2020

To minimise the spread of COVID-19 in Qatar, Vodafone Qatar has taken a number of steps to help safeguard the health and wellbeing of its employees and community, as well as ensure continuity of its business operations.

On Thursday (12 March), Vodafone activated its business continuity plans that amongst others, allows its employees to work remotely, with only a limited number of personnel staffing Vodafone’s retail stores. This comes in light of Qatar’s government and World Health Organisation’s advice to practice social distancing and avoid crowds. Vodafone Qatar is also encouraging all their customers, for their safety and the safety of others, to use the Company’s digital channels accessible 24/7, including its website and My Vodafone App, for all payments, recharges and support, instead of doing so in-person at retail stores.  

Moreover, the Company is closely monitoring data usage on its network to stay ahead of any demand as more businesses require employees to work remotely. If needed, Vodafone Qatar stands ready to expand network capabilities for critical entities and adjust network resources for any shifts in demand. To support consumers and businesses with all their remote work needs, Vodafone Qatar will be offering free door-to-door delivery of any Vodafone product and service such as their unlimited local data and calls plans plus mobile Wi-Fi devices. Customers can simply request this service at the Company’s website   

Commenting on these measures, Sheikh Hamad Abdulla Al Thani, Vodafone Qatar’s CEO, said “These are unprecedented times but the transparency and rapid response by all the relevant authorities in the country has been truly exemplary. And as a company, we felt it was our responsibility to take proactive measures to support the country’s efforts in combating this novel virus, while protecting our workforce.” “As a provider of essential communications products and services, we have the infrastructure and technology in place that allows us to effectively respond and react to such situations. We are confident of our robust business continuity plans and are committed to ensuring our customers’ needs are met.”