Posted on November 05, 2017

Vodafone Qatar, Gold Sponsors of the 4th annual Information Security Conference for the Financial Sector organised by Qatar Central Bank, took part for the third year in the event that highlighted information security challenges and ways to improve the country’s infrastructure.

Cybercrime is a major threat to financial institutions not just in Qatar but globally. This has forced many companies to invest heavily in adoption of cyber protection measures which is helping them in managing the growing customer concerns and think a step ahead from the culprits. In a keynote presentation entitled “Cybercrimes, the good, the bad and the ugly”, Vodafone Qatar’s Head of Enterprise Marketing, Mohammed Serieh, gave an overview on cybercrime trends and the cost implications of such breaches. He also showcased the “legal hacking” trend being adopted by major companies to hire hackers to test their security mechanisms in order to prevent future potential attacks.

Vodafone also promoted their various security solutions at the conference including DDoS mitigation, Co-location and Dedicated APN. The DDoS mitigation solution provides assured connectivity to dedicated internet customers enabling safer communications over the internet. DDoS protection is deployed within the core of Vodafone’s Internet network. Co-location provides the ability to host a company’s IT equipment in a purpose-built data centre with greater security, resilience and network performance. Co-location provides robust protection of complex IT environments and Dedicated APN provides private mobile data connections for added security in an organization.