Posted on September 11, 2012

WATHIQ, a unique Qatar Museums Authority initiative, is a repository of living history that transcends past, present and future, and is shared by generations of Locals and residents of Qatar.

An on-line forum, WATHIQ creates a dynamic platform that records stories and captures experiences by multiple narrators and authors. It is a virtual window to local cultural experiences through the sharing of oral histories. 

WATHIQ's mission is to provide different generations with the opportunity to freely contribute in recording and sharing the stories of Qatar, which is archived via our website:

WATHIQ Area in Mal Lawal exhibition is there to introduce the public to this innovative initiative and to provide the visitor with opportunity to freely and in an unstructured manner to narrate, write, record and share the stories of Qatar through oral history.

WATHIQ will be accessible online, where users can engage with Qatar's culture, and explore, learn and share Qatar's heritage and past. The Official Launch date of WATHIQ Website will be announced soon. Stay Tuned!