Posted on August 20, 2018

Widam Food Company is providing over 50,000 sacrificial animals to meet the demand from citizens and expatriates during Eid Al Adha. The company has made special arrangement to handle the crowds at abattoirs and outlets.

“Various types of sacrificial animals are available at Widam outlets at reasonable prices. The company is providing over 50,000 sacrificial animals during this Eid,” Abdul Rahman bin Mohammed Al Khayarain, CEO of Widam told The Peninsula.

He said that the company has imported Armenian sheep ahead of Eid this year to increase the variety and is expecting a shipment carrying Sudanese sheep. “Armenian sheep are of good quality and are similar to some types of Arab sheep which are usually in high demand in the country,” said Al Khayarain. He added that the sacrificial animals includes Syrian and other types of Arab sheep, Armenian sheep and those taken from local breeding farms. “The company has coordinated with the Ministry of Municipality and Environment to provide more veterinary doctors to check the slaughtered animals and has deployed over 350 workers at abattoirs,” said the Chief Executive Officer.

He said that the company is providing more potters to carry the animals and has singed contract with a private security company to handle the crowd at the abattoirs. “Widam has set up two new outlets for selling sacrificial animals at Al Wakra and Al Qatifiya,” said Al Khayarain adding that the company has established a total of eight outlets across the country which open from 5am to 5pm. Widam’s other outlets for selling livestock are located at automated slaughterhouse and abattoir at Abu Hamour Livestock Market, Umm Salal Central Market slaughterhouse, Al Shihaniya mobile abattoir, Al Khor Slaughterhouse, and Al Shamal Slaughterhouse.

He said that customers prefer buying sacrificial animals at Widam outlets because the company provides animals that meet religious requirements and keeps them under the watch of veterinary doctors. “Local products are best in quality as the local farms are using good quality fodders and are providing necessary health care services to their animals,” said Al Khayarian. “Following the requests of people, the Company has opened outlets close to the residential areas at Al Shihaniya. A mobile abattoir is being provided to meet the growing demands to sacrificing animals at the west part of the country,” said Al Khayarain.

He said that large quantity of sacrificial animals are being offered at newly opened outlets at Al Wakra and Al Qatifiya. “The company has increase the number of employees to cut the waiting time at registration points for subsidised sheep and has provided more potters to carry the sacrificial animals,” said Al Khayarain. “Widam Food Company is operating 35 outlets and nine abattoirs across the country that offer the best services to the customers,” said Al Khayarain. He said that the source of import for meat and livestock has been diversified to provide more options to the customers and stabilise the market. “The company is offering good quality sacrificial animals at competitive prices to win the trust of the customers,” said Al Khayarain.

source: The Peninsula