Posted on August 02, 2017

The World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE) recently joined a one-day, high-level stakeholders’ action program at the United Nations in New York, focusing on the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) for education.

The sessions included panel discussions to consider the challenges and opportunities for advancing universal access to primary and secondary education, as well as to life-long learning. The gathering was designed to raise awareness of the UN’s new development agenda, fostering a better understanding of the SDGs and their role in promoting global citizenship. Dr. Asmaa Alfadala, WISE Director of Research, who took part in a panel on innovation in education, introduced the work of WISE, particularly on WISE research on leadership in learning, and the need for “more agile” schools. She was joined on the panel by Leslee Udwin, Founder and CEO of Think Equal; Shai Reshef, President of UoPeople, an online university; Maggie MacDonnell, winner of the Varkey Foundation’s Global Teacher Prize; and was moderated by Vikas Pota, CEO of the Varkey Foundation.

In describing her research work at WISE, Dr. Alfadala noted the importance of “linking policy and practice, and to connecting thinkers and doers.” She said WISE is assisting schools in Qatar to build their leadership teams through WISE’s ‘Empowering Leaders of Learning’ program in which “leaders are encouraged to adopt an agile mind-set as an innovative tool in responding to the complexity of improving teaching and learning.” Other panels included a youth roundtable discussion, Education in Vulnerable and Humanitarian Situations, and Sustainable Development for Global Citizenship. 

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