Posted on September 24, 2016
As the issue of shortage of fuel stations in Qatar has come to the fore again after the end of summer vacation, Woqod (Qatar Fuel) is speeding up efforts to solve the problem.
Woqod has deployed several mobile fuel stations across the city to cater to increased demand from motorists after the reopening of schools. Woqod recently deployed two mobile fuel stations at Al Wukair to meet the demand created due to the demolition of an old petrol station in the neighbourhood to give way to the ongoing expressway project. Construction work on Woqod’s two new permanent fuel stations in Al Wukair is almost 50 percent complete.  “Soon, these fuel stations will start functioning and will contribute a lot to addressing the shortage of fuel stations in Al Wukair and Al Wakrah,” said an expatriate working with a mobile fuel station in Al Wukair. A fuel station near the Hamad International Airport is set to be inaugurated soon as its work is almost complete. 
Despite Woqod’s mobile fuel stations, motorists still have to suffer the pain of waiting in long queues in the city. At Teyseer fuel station at Al Hilal, this reporter witnessed long queues and worried motorists. “This whole area has only two fuel stations while the number of vehicles is increasing every day. The opening of schools has also increased the rush manifold,” said the manager of a fuel station. He said Teyseer’s four fuel stations out of seven had been shut down. “Now we are operating only three. There is some respite only on Friday being a holiday. Otherwise the number of motorists on working days is countless,” he added.
The fuel stations have not only been shut down due to cancellation of licences of private parties, some were demolished for development projects, particularly for road networks and metro project like the ones previously working in Al Rayyan, Najma and Al Wukair nighbourhoods. Recently, to avoid rush, long hoses were introduced at several Woqod fuel stations but this too failed to address the problem. Long hoses were meant to refill both right-sided and left-sided fuel tanks swiftly. But some are still operating with the short hoses.
Woqod’s fuel station at Abu Hamour still has short hoses. “Motorists with tanks on left side still face problems at this petrol station,” said a motorist. He further pointed out that there was no fuel station on F-Ring Road.  “Though Woqod has deployed two mobile petrol stations in Al Wukair, one has to wait for at least 15-20 minutes to get to his turn,” said Rupesh Kumar, a motorist waiting in the queue in Al Wukair. He said the only solution to the problem was setting up of dozens of new fuel stations.
source: The Peninsula