Posted on March 22, 2018

Mum's are known for being both selfless and self-conscious rather than recognizing the superstars they really are, so they're usually always the last ones to be part of a photograph or picture-perfect selfie moment. But what they do love is capturing memories with friends and family, and looking back on photographs they can cherish without the hassle of editing or searching for the best filter.

If your superstar mum's smartphone is long overdue for an upgrade, this is the perfect time to treat her to Huawei's new superstar smartphone, the nova 3e. The new launch is just in time for Mother's Day and presents the best mobile phone to commit beautiful photo memories to screen. The nova 3e has an exceptional screen display, using Huawei’s FullView Display 2.0. It gives a larger screen area for a better and more comfortable viewing experience, with a high resolution for rich and vivid colours when watching videos or taking photos. The vibrant viewing experience with greater colour and detail lights up great memories on screen.

The Huawei nova 3e also has revolutionary beauty modes to perfect each image, so that people look their absolute best. The beauty modes accentuate each person’s natural beauty. From highlighting unique facial features to brightening skin tones and even softening lines, the nova 3e is ideal for capturing the perfect memory of loved ones. The beauty modes even conceal acne, refresh and revive skin tone, brighten and enlarge the eyes, and makes eyelashes look thicker and more prominent.

So this Mother's Day, give your superstar mum a superstar phone that makes even ordinary shots look glamorous and that captures beautiful memories with her loved ones.